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Rodgers Allegiant 778 3-Manual Organ

Rodgers Allegiant 778 3-manual organ. Sold new in 2009. Fully functional and in excellent (almost pristine) condition. Upgraded wooden keyboards. Internal speakers, plus 2 & 8-channel output for external speakers and amplifiers. Fully MIDI capable. Includes Rodgers Voice Palette with four samples available for each stop. Includes bench and pedalboard. From a home. $17,900

Rodgers Allegiant A778, recorded with internal speakers only:

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From published Rodgers Organ literature about this model:

American, English, German, and French specifications instantly available; all stops available to combine into new unique stoplists via Rodgers Mix-and-Match™
184 stops, equivalent to 241 pipe ranks; 51 internal orchestral voices
Rodgers TrueChimes™ (piston)
8 MIDI/ORCH piston couplers access all 51 internal orchestral voices or any MIDI external sound module
20 internal locking memory levels, expandable infinitely via removable USB memory storage (128 MB USB stick included)
Internal sequencer and playback system with internal or external USB memory storage
Large LCD screen with easy-to-use controls
10 General thumb and toe pistons
5 Divisional thumb pistons for Great, Swell, Choir and Pedal; Divisional Cancel pistons for Great, Swell and Choir
Can be interfaced to play winded pipes
Internal 4-channel full-range stereo audio system (2 50-watt, 2 12-watt) with 4-band equalizer; optional external 10-channel expandable full-range stereo audio system with audio voicing parameters
Natural wood cabinet available in a variety of finishes with optional trim packages
Rodgers velocity-sensitive keyboards; wood and tracker-touch options
AGO pedalboard standard; parallel pedalboard optional
Front storage bench; optional bench with blocks, adjustable bench, lift-lid bench, or parallel pedalboard bench
Lighted music rack
Note-by-note and rank-by-rank voicing
Three shoes with indicators: Choir/Great/Pedal, Swell, Crescendo
Stereo headphone jack
Control of desired acoustics via Rodgers Sound Space Room Modeling System
Rodgers Parallel Digital ImagingĀ® II technology
8 selectable historic temperaments
Master volume control
Locking rolltop
Adjustable Main and Alternate tremulants